Getting help

After reading my first post on the blog (and becoming my first follower!) My mum messaged me and asked if she and my younger sister could come and help me tidy up for an hour. For me this really meant a lot as I have definitely been too scared for my family to see my place. It’s always a worry thinking people are going to find out the bad side you try to hide. I also got messages from other family members and friends, offering support, saying they were in a similar situation but had also worked their way out of it and also people who were currently in the same situation. We often feel like we are alone in these matters, but I know in my case I thought I was alone because I didn’t want to bother anyone. And I’m so happy that I can even think of inviting these family members over, or the idea I might be able to help these wonderful friends.

First big clean

So my mum came over to help and we got surprisingly a lot done in the almost two hours (+a tea break!) And while some areas looked MORE messy, actually the place was tidier but I now needed to reduce my clutter which is what looks messy. The kitchen was cleaned, the floor was swept. I was able to finally access my coat closet (which meant I could finally put away my Christmas decorations) My mum helped me write a list of things that would help me have a little bit more storage space or just be useful in general. She was going to get a standing shelf to go above my Microwave and also make me a table cloth. (I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but my table is actually an outside one ready for taking it out on the terrace to eat and do work in the summer, but I don’t need a separate one for inside too) She also tasked me to sort a few different areas the coming week.


Continuing on

Since then my mum has come over once a week to help me, she’s even got me a few bits and bobs to help me keep on top of things.

It’s been a month since my last photos so here is a little bit of an update.

The Entry Hall –

Alot of the clutter is gone from here now! The box left is things that are going to a bootsale and they will be leaving the apartment the next time my mum visits. My sister has also redone her bedroom so I gained a little shelf from her that is now a shoe rack! I can also leave my handbag in there now, loads of places for it.

My Bedroom –

My bedroom’s had the biggest improvement, the floor is completely clear. My surfaces are also clear so I can actually do some art at my desk now! I have a few shelves left to sort, then I need to attempt to tackle my wardrobe….

The Bathroom –

My bathroom doesn’t look super noticably different. But I assure you I’ve decluttered it ALOT!

Living Room and Kitchen –

I have the shelf now! Which freed up more cupboard space so my Kitchen is much tidier now. I’ve been trying to do my dishes the day I use them but this has been the hardest habit to break! The stuff behind the sofa is things to organise and find homes for now.

The Future 

While my apartment definitely looks much better, I’m still along way from it being perfect. I still have alot of “things” to sort out and lots of clutter to declutter, my wardrobe will be a hard project too as I know I own too many clothes but I also love clothes so getting rid of them is hard. I know soon I’ll be comfortable having the rest of my family over to visit. So lets just keep on going!

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