My Apartment


So in April I will have been living in my apartment for 2 years. When I got my current job I was finally able to afford a place to live on my own and no long house share. Finding the perfect place was a little more tricky. I already knew I would have preferred a one bedroom place close to the town centre. And there was one building I knew I loved but at the time they only had studio apartments available which I could just not see myself in (I don’t like the idea of everything being all one room)

I had seen a few places. One I loved but I missed out on. One I never got to see and one of them was the weirdest apartment shape I’d seen too…. On the last one my estate agent had been aware I wanted one in a certain building and he had told me one was about to go up for rent and he was going to make sure I was the first person to see it! Needless to say I liked it before I went, but loved it when I saw it. My own space. I moved in fairly quickly too.

So now you have a little back story about how much I love my apartment time to show you the state I unfortunately let it get in.

The Entry Hall – 

The big pile in front of my closet is things I’ve sorted to sell, give to charity and to friends. I generally just dump my most recently worn shoes by the door (although some of those aren’t even recent anymore) I’d love a proper shoe rack in here.


My Bedroom – 

My bedroom is the part of my bedroom I’ve recently worked on most. I think you can tell I love my dolls and toys alot. Their shelf has always been that tidy. While I was so happy to get my desk, it did unfortunately also create another surface for me to dump things on. One day I’d love to get a proper bed frame, a nice wire one so I can store things underneath in tidy boxes. My worst habit is usually not putting clothes in the right places….


The Bathroom –


I am terrible at throwing away the empty bottles, and I never go through the drawers in the vanity… I plan to get a nice shelf for in there so I have a proper space to have my spare towels and I’d love to have my Nail Polishes out on a shelf so it’s easier for me to pick and find which to use next!


Living room and Kitchen –

As this is all one room and I do alot in here it easily gets cluttered. I’ll often bring things in from the bedroom and take ages to put it back. I also recently replaced a coffee table for my computer desk and I hadn’t quite realised how much I had stored under the coffee table. I also plan to put the exercise bike into storage. I’m planning to make sure I don’t let dirty dishes pile up by the sink either….

And to end it lets have a lovely panorama from the terrace door.

pics 426

So now I’ve shared the starting point, lets see what can be done. (Although since these photos me and mum had the first big clean but thats my next post!)


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